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Take Away

Here you’ll find our Take Away Menu.
You can order per Email until the day before, or per phone on the day of the pick up — thank you!


  • Bala-Bala

    CHF 8.50
    Deep fried vegetable balls
  • Krupuk

    CHF 4.50
    Indonesische Tapioca Chips
  • Lumpia

    CHF 8.50
    Indonesian spring roll filled with bamboo sprouts and vegetables
  • Sambal Kemiri

    CHF 4.50
    Spicy chili sauce with garlic
  • Steamed Rice

    CHF 3.00
    Steamed Rice
  • Tahu Isi

    CHF 9.50
    Fried tofu filled with vegetables


  • NoChicken Rica-Rica

    CHF 26.50
    NoChicken soy chunks with chili and kaffir lime leaves
  • Rendang Nangka

    CHF 25.00
    Aromatic young jackfruit cooked with 21 ingredients
  • Sayur Lodeh

    CHF 20.00
    Javanese coconut milk stew with mixed vegetables, jackfruit and cashew nuts
  • Seitan Sindangalya

    CHF 26.50
    Crispy organic seitan with light tangy peanut sauce
  • Tahu Betutu

    CHF 22.00
    Tofu and broccoli cooked in fragrant balinese turmeric-coconut milk sauce
  • Tempeh Kemiri

    CHF 22.50
    Tempeh and kohlrabi in zesty coconut milk and ground kemiri nuts sauce
  • Terong Kecap

    CHF 19.00
    Spicy eggplant with chili, garden leek and sweet soy sauce


  • Bola Pisang

    CHF 6.50
    Fried banana cake with chocolate sauce

Please place orders no later than 4:00 p.m. on the day of collection.